All​-​American Town (demo)

by Acid Cowboys

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There ain't no life left in my hometown
Wherever you roam, people are wearing a frown.

Life's so damn hard, it seems we're born just to struggle
The police chief's son got the minister's daughter in a whole lot of trouble.

We've got to work 2 jobs just to pay the rent.
Before the week is over all our money has been spent.

The senator's son got kicked out of school
He got caught buying smack by the town swimming pool.

We got a whole lot of sinners but come up short on the saints.
Is this what we live for, is this our fate?

The mayor's wife is hooked on diet pills
But his honor craves much bigger thrills
Welcome to our All-American town
Where a pink pill takes you up and a blue one takes you down.

There's trouble in the preacher's home
His daughter's meth habit won't leave her alone

His eldest son got kicked out of school
He got caught dealing out by the town pool

We got to work so hard just to make the rent
Before the week is over all the money is spent.

We had a fire in the kitchen and a rat in the bathroom
My daughter said, "Dad, it was big as a racoon!"

The baby's got the hiccups, her sister is throwing up
Some days my wife just feels like giving up.


released March 11, 2014



all rights reserved


Acid Cowboys Long Branch

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