Paradise Cafe (EP)

by Acid Cowboys

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My newest EP


released April 24, 2017



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Acid Cowboys Long Branch

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Track Name: The Trailer Park
She was born in a trailer on the poor side of town
All the kids at school used to put her family down

When her father got hurt in a fall from a truck
Ever since that time they had nothing but bad luck

Oh Loretta, it's gonna get better
What more can a poor girl do
How can a poor girl get ahead
When the odds are stacked against the likes of me and you?

Old grandpa Willie was attached to his gin
When her momma left for work Willie'd dive right in.

The cops were always knocking at their front door
Her poor old mother couldn't take any more

Her dear old mother was nobody's fool
But she couldn't keep her kids from skipping out of school.

When her father walked out and left a pile of unpaid bills
Her mother escaped to her little blue pills

Oh Loretta, it's gotta get better
What more can a poor boy do
How can a poor boy get ahead
When the odds are stacked against the likes of me and you?
Track Name: Jersey Daze
Jack and Suzie worked at the Burger King
He just turned 20, she was 16

Suzie's friends stopped by they were high as a kite
They smoked some weed they scored the other night.

Jack wipes down the tables and takes out the trash
If he wants a toke he better grab it fast

Another summer weekend baby
Everybody's happy now
Everybody's looking for a way to make a score
Everybody's looking for a way to make a score.

Lucky Louie's married to my cousin Lil
He needed 100 dollars to pay the cable bill

Louie stole a car and robbed a drive up bank
The car ran out of gas now Louie's doing twenty years in the tank
Twenty years in the tank.

One day I'm gonna hop on a train
This sad old town won't never see me again

Gonna miss my old mom and my pop
I'll tell my boss where he can shove this job

Gonna miss my little sweet sixteen
But our life was just a dull routine

Sad old Jersey town
Sad Jersey town.
Track Name: The Dream 2017
I had a dream the other night
My clothes were all gone, my skin a ghostly white
My neighbor said "Tom, you're such a frightful sight."

Jesus had come into town
All the good folk gathered round
From behind a rock I could feel the light shine down on me.

Neil Young was there in a broken old chair
He played his guitar but no one cared
When Jesus spoke they all sat and stared at him.

My uncle was there in an Hassidic hat
My mother held two rabbits and a cat
My sister cried out that my uncle's hat blocked the view.

The thunder roared and hail stones fell
An old man cried out, "We're all headed for hell"
Jesus rang a small silver bell and the whole crowd was silent.

Well, the alarm clock rang before salvation came
I'm still in the rat race, still playing the old game
But I truly believe I'll break these chains and walk free one day.
Track Name: The Bigger They Are the Harder They Fall
I grew up in a small town in NJ
My best friend John thought he was tough.
John got high one day and joined the army
They sent him home in a wooden box.

My sister hung around with the wrong crowd.
Her boyfriend thought he was tough as nails.
She's going to visit him at his new home on Sunday
At the Monmouth County jail.

The bigger they are, the harder they fall
It's a foolish man who won't heed the call.
A wise man said it a long time ago,
You're going to reap exactly what you sow.

The big shot developer owns the mayor
He pays him off with lots of crisp new c-notes.
They go crusin' together on Sunday
On the mayors new, big white sailin' boat.

Now the mayor started hangin' with this mob guy,
But he didn't know he was turned by the FBI.
He's going to be in for the surprise of his life
When his trial comes up in July

The bigger they are the harder they fall
It's a foolish man who won't heed the call.
A wise man said it 2000 years ago,
You're going to reap exactly what you sow..
Track Name: The Wrong Side of Town (Margarita)
Her name was Margarita
And there wasn't no one sweeta
If you passed her on the street
You'd surely want to meet her.

If you ever saw those eyes
You'd know why all the guys
Wanted to know her.

She was raised by the projects
They were always short of money
But the way she smiled at me
It was sweeter than honey

If you ever meet
A girl who's half as sweet
You're a lucky guy.

She never knew her father
He couldn't stop his drinking
Her mother said, "Bill when I married you
I don't know what I was thinking"
She held her head up high and
Told old Bill goodbye
One Saturday night.

Her brother was hanging out
Cause there were no jobs here
So he signed up for the army
Just to get a career

One day an Iraqi gun
Took her mother's only son
From this sorrowful life.

Two years back
there was more bad news
When she found out her sister was shot
She nearly blew a fuse
There's so many guns around here
Mothers are living in fear
For their children's lives.

Well we got lucky
And her sister survived
But she thinks of all the guns
And all the lost lives

God gave us his only son
But you can hear the sound of a gun
Most Saturday nights

God gave us his only son
But the killing goes on
In this sorrowful life.
Track Name: 100 Degrees in the Shade
If you ever come down to southern Texas
You better beware of the heat.
It was 100 degrees in the shade I do believe,
It reached 107 last week
It reached 107 last week.

I once had a sweet girl named Anna
She was going to be my bride
But she turned out to be
A two timing thief
She almost cost me my life
She almost cost me my life.

Well, I'm friends with a whole lot of bar stools
And bad dreams, they torture my sleep
While Anna is down on the beach at Cancun
Painting the nails on her pretty little feet
Painting the nails on her feet.

If you ever come down to southern Texas
You should beware of a pretty girl's charms
With her kisses so sweet you may think you're in Heaven
While you're holding the devil in your arms
Holding her so tightly in your arms.