Donna Belladonna

by Acid Cowboys

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This album is the culmination of over three years work, and a lot of my heart and soul...and sweat...has gone into the making. Any proceeds from the album will help the lovely lady on the cover have a richer, fuller, life. That amazingly funny, unique, and beautiful person was born with two strikes against her. She has Cerebral Palsy. You can meet her and see her in action at: Let us know if you enjoyed the tunes. Note: if you just want to download a single track, or tracks, click on the title of the song and you will be taken to the download page for that song.

There's an interesting quote from world renowned author and financial analyst Nassim Taleb that pretty much explains the thinking behind my song "Suit and Tie" and the state of our modern world: "Should we all stop seeing financial planners? Yes. NEVER TAKE ADVICE FROM ANYONE IN A TIE. They'll bankrupt you. Don't ask a general for advice on war, and don't ask a broker for advice on money. Think about the derivatives mess—buying credit derivatives from these banks was like buying insurance for the Titanic from people who were on the Titanic!"


released March 1, 2008



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Track Name: Little Easy
Marsha's on amphetamines
Little teenage drama queen
She dreams of moving to Hollywood
To star upon the silver screen.

Jennie wants some cocaine.
Richie's gonna try to score.
They're cruisin' down the parkway,
A summer weekend at the shore.

Julie's father owns a bank.
Her boyfriend drives an army tank.
His name is tatooed on her arm.
She prays he won't come to any harm.

Mollie knows just what she wants.
She ain't her mother's debutante.
She dropped out of high school
To work at a fast food restaurant.

Robert works at a gas station
He won't get no summer vacation.
His mother couldn't pay her bills
She overdosed on sleeping pills.

Lisa lounges at the pool
She's tan and blond and oh so cool.
She did a line in her boyfriend's car
Felt just like a movie star
Track Name: Suit and Tie
I don't trust a man in a suit and tie
A man such as that builds his world upon lies
Some of us struggle all the days of our lives
While others just seem to coast on by

I tried my hand at the college life
But I didn't have a bit of luck
My father was a hard working man
He practically lived on that big old truck

My mother stayed home with the TV blasting
Her reality slipping away
My sister shacked up with a butch lieutenant
From the base outside of L.A.

I don't trust a man in a $1,000 suit
A man such as that will dance around truth
The Good Book says there'll be a price to pay
Their lies won't save them come Judgment Day.